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March Meeting

Spraying Safely For Great Blooms, What Judges Look For

FEATURED PRESENTER: The dean of southern Arizona rose growers, Les Hayt, will talk about a tremendous product to spray on nagging pests that attack the foliage and blooms of roses during the spring. He has over 60 years of rose growing experience.

Les will also talk about sprayers to consider, proper protective clothing, eye protection and answer all questions from the audience.

Since the Tucson Rose Show is right around the corner on April 20, the long-time American Rose Society judge will also talk about what judges look for in prize-winning entries.

DATE: Tuesday, March 5, 2024 at 7 p.m.

LOCATION: Tucson Botanical Gardens (2150 N. Alvernon Way), one block south of Grant and Alvernon on the east side of the street.

WHO CAN ATTEND?: Anyone who wants to learn more about growing great roses (FREE!)


Expert Rose Growers

Don’t believe anybody who says that growing roses in southern Arizona is difficult. All you need is a game plan for getting your plants through the relentless summers we endure. Learn all about it with experienced members who have perfected a system to grow great roses.
In 2023, we experienced one of the most brutal summers in Tucson history. The Old Pueblo had 53 consecutive days of 100-plus temperatures from June 16-Aug. 7 which snapped the old record of 39.
Read our time-honored game plan that solves the issue of summer. 

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