Helpful Links

Local Nurseries & Gardening Sources

Mesquite Valley Growers   
Harlow Nursery   
Rillito Nursery   
Green Things Nursery  
Triple A Fertilizer In Tucson (Contact Kevin Callaghan at 520 861-4732)

Other Links

American Rose Society   
Pacific Southwest District   
Mesa-East Valley Rose Society   
Phoenix Rose Society   
Glendale Rose Society    
Tucson Botanical Gardens   
Watershed Management Group   
Help Me Find Roses    
Pima County Master Gardeners    
Great Articles On Exhibiting Roses   
A.M. Leonard (Tools)   
Do My Own Pest Control (Chemicals)   
Special Rose Related Sites     
Water Resources Research Center   
University of Arizona Entomology Dept.    
University of Arizona Integrated Pest Management